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About Us
DAVISCOMMS (S) PTE LTD established in the year 2000 is a dynamic firm that seamlessly integrates creativity, engineering expertise, and cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive design and engineering solutions. Our multidisciplinary team is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable designs that meet the evolving needs of clients across various industries. Our mission is to transform ideas into reality by providing innovative and sustainable solutions that exceed client expectations. With a focus on creativity, precision, and efficiency, we offer comprehensive design and engineering services across various industries.
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Nominated for these design awards provides recognition and prestige but also serves as a testament to our organization's ability to innovate and create impactful, aesthetically pleasing, and functional designs.
Red Dot Design Award Winner 2011
National Infocomm Awards 2012
Designed in Singapore Awards 2021
CES Innocation Awards 2018 
Recognition for demonstrating excellence across various aspects of business operations, including financial 
performance, strategic planning, leadership and innovation.
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